April 1924 The previous president Kokichi Sekiya moved from Hakodate, Hokkaido to Tokyo by himself.
Starting working at Sugita Tohtaro Store of Yamatoya (currently Yamato Scientific Co., Ltd.). Spend years for training.
January 1933 Established a chemical glassware wholesaler “Sekiya Kokichi Store.”
August 1944 Incorporated the organization.
Renamed to “Sekiya Chemical Glass Apparatus Co., Ltd.” and prepared for the needs of the times and development of company’s business.
June 1946 Established “Tokyo Chemical Glass Co., Ltd.” with business upswing during the reconstruction period.
Started the manufacture and sales of ultrahard chemical glass.
The great quality of products marked “Chemical” provided an opportunity to contribute to the chemical industry.
May 1952 Completed the construction of the main building (four stories above ground and one below, total floor space 1270 m²).
Completed a major distribution center having one of the largest inventories in the industry. Operated under the motto of “same-day deliveries” up to the present date.
November 1964 Made an agency contract to sell products of Tokyo Roshi.
November 1967 Made an agency contract with Iwaki Glass Co., Ltd.
March 1973 Made an agency contract to sell products of Sibata Scientific Technology Ltd.
February 1982 Made an agency contract to sell products of Toyo Scientific Industries Co.
August 1993 Made an agency contract with Yamato Scientific Co., Ltd.
Sold general scientific instruments as well as chemical and medical glassware all over Japan.
August 1997 Made a distributor contract for weighing instruments with Shimadzu Corporation.
Started the sales of wide-ranging products.
February 1999 Made an agency contract with Benchmark Japan Co., Ltd.
Started the sales of skin protectant cream all over Japan.
May 2000 Started the sales of agate mortars under the “Chemical“ marked brand.
July 2001 Made an absorption-type merger agreement with Handa Instruments Co., Ltd.
By utilizing the synergetic effect between direct cooperation relations and sales under the new system, the company carries on business for further improvements.
Made an agency contract to sell products of Nikkato Corporation and started the sales all over Japan.
Started the sales of products of DKK-TOA Corporation all over Japan.
April 2008 Renamed to “Sekiya Rika Co., Ltd.” at the time of the relocation of the main office to Nihonbashi Muromachi, Chuo-ku.
May 2008 Opened Wakasu Distribution Center in Wakasu, Koto-ku.
September 2009 Opened Rinkai Sales Office and Rinkai Distribution Center in Rinkai-cho, Edogawa-ku.

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